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Welcome to Florida Tech serving the Huntsville, Ala. region including Redstone Arsenal

Florida Tech has offered master's degrees to military personnel and civilians on Redstone Arsenal and in the Huntsville area since 1976.

Degree programs offered include master's of science degrees in acquisition and contract management, computer information systems, engineering management, human resources management, logistics management, operations management, project management, systems management. Florida Tech also offers a Master of Business Administration degree program in Huntsville.

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Florida Tech Joins G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program.

“I'm currently a Test Engineer in the Field Sensors Test Branch with the U. S. Army Redstone Technical Test Center. I aspire to become a senior test engineer or join management over the next two years. My Florida Tech education will certainly be utilized throughout my career as I reach my goal of becoming a member of the senior executive service.” — Patrick Alan Johnson

Florida Tech is Military Friendly