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Florida Tech at Aberdeen Proving Ground Joins G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program, Eases Costs for Vets, Dependents to Attend. Read more...

Welcome to Aberdeen Proving Ground

Florida Tech's Off-Site Locations site in Harford County, Maryland, provides graduate students at Aberdeen Proving Ground and in the surrounding area opportunities for continuing their education to maintain their professional and technical competence, and to enhance their career development and progression. Florida Tech programs are available to all who meet admission requirements of the university.

Graduate programs offered at the Aberdeen site include master's of science degrees in acquisition and contract management, engineering management, human resources management, operations management, project management, systems management and more.

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“I chose Florida Tech because of the degree program, the numerous course offerings and the university's valid accreditation. How did I manage my work schedule and course work? I've completed homework on an airplane over the Pacific Ocean on my way to Korea, in a hotel in Kuwait City and in a sidewalk cafe in Frankfurt, Germany.” — Warren Drew Lerner

Florida Tech is Military Friendly