Off-Site Locations

Message from the Associate Provost of Extended Studies

Dr. Mary Bonhomme, Ph.D.Considering today’s competitive job market how valuable is a master’s degree to one’s career? Our current and former students tell us time and time-again that a master’s degree is essential—if not mandatory—in their efforts to enhance or enrich their current positions, to seek new careers or to apply for promotions within. Professionals with master’s degrees make more individual wealth and have expanded opportunities for employment growth. I sincerely believe that a master’s degree gives a person a competitive advantage.

Employment trends and economic indicators often times determine the focus or thrust of our degree offerings. The fastest growing occupations are in the areas of the computer sciences, operations and project management, engineering, and logistics and security management. The Off-Site Locations offers degree programs in each of these disciplines and more.

Today’s workplace runs the gamut of the regional micro-organization to large-scale international multilingual business environments. Employers are looking for managers and directors with a strong, yet diverse toolbox of solid knowledge that will allow them to compete in a worldwide economy. Our students are taught to be critical thinkers, innovative leaders and ethical decision makers. These attributes will contribute to their success in the workplace and beyond.

Our university has a solid history of offering quality degree programs to members of the military, government service employees and other working professionals on an international basis. Students can study at any one of 15 off-campus sites in five states including distance learning programs that are taught through our Virtual Campus. Anyone interested in a solid graduate education should examine our excellent history and the success of our many alumni, including those with notable careers in all branches of the military; public and private sectors. From astronauts, to four star generals, to leaders on Wall Street and beyond, Florida Tech alumni have become a vital part of our country’s diverse composition.

When comparing university and college programs students ask if we can guarantee a good education at Florida Tech. Assurance of learning is required through our accreditation processes at Florida Tech. We are constantly reviewing input from students, alumni, and faculty to continuously improve our learning outcomes. Our university is highly involved in faculty committees to assure that we offer the best possible education to all our students. Maintaining rigorous standards for fully accredited degree programs in any university takes a firm commitment to students, faculty and administration and the board of trustees. That said, our courses are taught by highly skilled, terminally degreed faculty of which many have practical experience within the field they teach and documented scholarship that informs their teaching ability.

On behalf of our faculty, staff and our administrators I proudly welcome you to Florida Tech.

Mary S. Bonhomme, Ph.D.