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Florida Tech’s Virtual Campus Joins G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program, Eases Costs for Vets, Dependents to Attend. Read more...

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Compared to some of my fellow classmates and professors I am not interesting. I'm just a husband and a dad that's trying to make it through life, provide for his family, teach them right from wrong and not take myself too seriously. My online experience at Florida Tech has taught me how to be a better all-around person.

I've learned not just from the professors, but from my fellow students. I will never forget the pilot doing an "online" chat while getting ready for a "Cat Shot" that night; or the warrior in a fox-hole doing his schoolwork with a blanket over him so the enemy would not see the light from his laptop. Running a $300 million dollar project and doing schoolwork can seem like a lot, but compared to people like them it's a walk in the park. 

Michael J. O'Neill, P.E., PMBA, concentration in human resources management, Spring 2009

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