Off-Site Locations


About Us

Extended Studies Mission Statement:

Extended Studies is an integral academic unit of Florida Institute of Technology focused on offering a quality education for all students.

In support. our undergraduate and graduate programs serve adult learners through academic excellence, while encouraging diversity and inclusion, and encouraging responsiveness to a rapidly changing global workforce in an evolving society.

Our purpose is to serve the public good through quality educational offerings to private and public sectors, local, state and federal governments, businesses and industry, as well as all branches of foreign and military services.

Values and Beliefs

The Extended Sudies faculty and staff believe that learning is a lifelong process that need not be constrained by time or place.

Learning is a cooperative process involving the joint responsibility of both students and teachers.

Knowledge resides in many places and in many forms. It is the purpose of Off-Site Locations to acquire and disseminate this knowledge as widely and as completely as possible.


To build and catalyze an energetic learning-based community comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni, business and community partners.

Off-Site Locations is committed to developing and identifying innovative educational and professional development programs with delivery of these programs using today’s most up-to-date technology.

An innovator of programs, Off-Site Locations is an integrator across campus disciplines, a builder of bridges to the community and a partner with industry and the public sector.


Academic offerings include undergraduate and graduate degrees at 10 U.S. sites in five east coast states, as well as a distance learning program. Degrees have been awarded to candidates representing the military services, federal and local government, and a wide variety of business and industry sectors. Five NASA astronauts have graduated with one or more master's degrees from Off-Site Locations.

With an outstanding reputation as an institution dedicated to developing scientists, engineers and leaders in the field of high technology, the Applied Research Division has developed a formidable reputation.

Global, national and local organizations have benefited from a long-standing association with Off-Site Locations. Our reach is phenomenal. Highly accomplished and experienced faculty and staff provide short- or long-term consulting services to organizations on a global basis.