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Fall 2017 Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program Update

Starting in Fall 2017 a few changes will be made to the Doctor of Business Administration program plan. These changes ensure students are presented with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies through the most effective courses while retaining valuable special topics seminars. Please review the summary of changes as well as the PDF program plan tables linked below.

Summary of Changes:

  • Two MGT 6999 courses in the second year spring and fall semesters will be replaced with MGT 6990 and MGT 6991, respectively.
  • MGT 6008 will be replaced with MGT 6999.
  • MGT 6992, a 0-credit Special Topics Seminar, will be implemented.

Special Topics Seminars have proven invaluable to students as they prepare for their dissertation research proposal. These changes do not add any additional credit hours meaning the time to complete and the cost to students will remain unchanged.

View 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 program plan charts here

For more information on these changes please do not hesitate to reach out.